Wedding in Hacienda San Jose Marbella

With Jenny and her future husband RB we met on Skype. It is a couple from California who decided to get married in Marbella and they have written us by mail to find out if we can make their wedding video.

As always we look for a personal contact and that’s why we made our virtual meeting by Skype. Jenny told us how they planned to do their civil wedding at the farm, what ideas they had and what wedding venue in Marbella they have chosen.

Wedding on the beach of Málaga

The wedding of Jenny and RB has been one of these weddings that involves all ingredients. First they did a civil ceremony rehearsal on the farm. How the father would enter with the bride, where the groom would wait, where the friends should go and with whom the bridesmaids should come out.

The rehearsal part of the ceremony has been exciting. I have seen that the father of the bride has many feelings and already knew that we should grasp these feelings on the day of the wedding.

Then we went to the beach to the restaurant «Avanto» in Cala de Mijas where the couple celebrated a welcome dinner with their friends. It’s funny, that at first Jenny and RB told us that it will be a small wedding, that they did not know how many friends can go to Spain, and celebrate the wedding in Costa del Sol with them. And in the end they almost all signed up.

In the «Avanto» we expected a performance by a flamenco group and at the end of the whole a spectacular rice. In this video you can appreciate more the acting part. I really love it when there are flamenco groups for weddings. Maybe it’s not pure flamenco (we’ve recorded a festival in Lo Ferro and I’ve seen different kinds of performances), but knowing how to get emotions out with an audience that is not prepared, like at a wedding, must be difficult.

Wedding halls in Málaga

Returning to the day of the wedding I want to emphasize that they celebrated it very comfortable. I mean, when looking for a farm for a civil ceremony the couple planned not only to celebrate the wedding, but to live on the same farm. This way they could avoid displacements, inconveniences of carrying things or just waking up and being able to spend the morning in a swimming pool (what the boyfriend did with friends). I think my advice to look for a wedding property with accommodation possibility now makes more sense, right? And Hacienda San Jose de Mijas meets it.

Weddings of Marbella

Weddings in Marbella have a touch of fun always. I do not know why, but as a friend of mine (who is a great wedding decorator) has said, Marbella has a happy air. Here you always feel on vacation, relaxed, with good humor. And I think this also reflects on weddings that they celebrate there.

The wedding of Jenny and RB had a very familiar atmosphere. They have said many close and exciting words, they have cried and laughed, they have danced a lot. What I like in international weddings you discover different traditions. And in this wedding I have seen that the bride, after dancing with her fiance (or rather, her husband already) danced with her father. And you could see that complicity with the father. By the way, in Russian tradition the first dance is from the father to the girlfriend and then the couple’s dance comes. They are curiosities of weddings.

The truth that fun was not lacking in this wedding. They all danced, from the smallest to the oldest. I remember that the group started playing a classic «Sweet Home Alabama» and everyone started to sing. As you could tell they like the song. By the way, another difference of the international weddings, that the songs for weddings choose with personality, with sense. As they have to plan everything, they also prepare their own list of songs for weddings.

Testimony about wedding video of Jenny and RB

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