What is a wedding video?

There is no doubt the wedding world has evolved a lot. The changes are noticeable in the manner we celebrate and keep the memories of that day. Wedding videos have transformed in recent years. It has gone beyond the typical or usual video that no one sees or wants to look at. It now has the captivating and alluring features of movie.


There are different styles of wedding videos. From the classic to more prepared poses to true documentaries with no script preparation, as has been the day.

In our case, the wedding videos we make are given a semblance of originality, natural outlook, and truth. We want them to be a real, exciting film that touches the souls of the couple and the soul of the viewer. We pay close attention to wedding details because we know that the importance of little details to a wedding. It contributes significantly to the overall image of the wedding.


For us to do a full encapsulation of you which is personal and up close, it takes time, most times, more than a single day. We need to know the both of you and your tastes. It is also important to us that on that day, the bride or groom do not see us as strangers. We prefer you see us as people you have spent a significant amount of time with.


That’s why we always have several meetings, either by phone or Skype as well as in person. We talk a lot about preparing for the wedding day. What wedding details: special and personal themes or moments in the ceremony you would love incorporated into the video. These are key moments to create an elegant and original wedding video.

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Wedding Details

In a wedding, there are a lot of details that speak of your personal history. It can be the first trip together or how you asked for her hands at a special location. To know these details and replicate them in our wedding videos, we do small interviews before the wedding day. This way, no details of the wedding escape us.

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Wedding Rings

I believe that the part the couples are joined together is the most important aspect of a wedding ceremony. It is only that element that accompanies throughout the rest of our lives, reminding us of the happy moment that we have shared. It is very important wedding bands are choosing carefully because you will not be able to change them once they are in place.

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Weddings with charm

There are more and more couples who want a fascinating wedding. They want something personal. They pay close attention to every detail of the wedding such as styles in decoration and flowers. They even look for special places to have a dream wedding. An alluring wedding can turn a regular ceremony into something magical, a beautiful tale and very personal one.


Different styles of wedding video

There are different styles of wedding videos and the important thing is that each couple works with their wedding videographer to determine the style that suits them. In the section of Portfolio, you can see a lot of wedding videos, but they are not complete videos. What is uploaded on our website and our Vimeo channels are summaries, trailers and same day edit, etc.


Inside the delivered wedding video, there are several types of videos. We also have different duration of videos. We offer long duration for about 20 – 25 minutes and then we have a variety of shorter videos. The purpose of our work is that you have some original videos that you can share with your friends anytime so that they can share such emotion, and feelings, with your children and grandchildren.


If you want to have a wedding video that you can see again and again, like your favorite movie, I invite you to call me and talk about your wedding. Surely we can create something extraordinary that does not leave you dispassionate.


It is not the typical wedding video

When someone tells you, «let’s see my wedding video» what feeling does it stir in your mind, body and soul? Let guess. A long boring old wedding video. I understand that.


That is the cliché thought that controlled recording of wedding video for many years. A wedding video was secondary, without much creativity and appreciation for the couple. Almost everyone wanted wedding photography but a few were looking for the video. And I’m not saying there were no wedding videographers who were serious about creating the videos. However, most of them were «cousins of the photographer.» In other words, they were secondary to the photographer.


Many things have changed in recent years. Wedding photographers createadvertising campaigns. Wedding Videographers make video clips and advertising commercials for big brands. The creativity of videographers surprises even them.


Now, a wedding video is like the work of an author. Series of factors and logistics are taken into consideration like lighting and sound control. With plans well studied and prepared, with a very high ability to solve unusual situations at a wedding.


With our 10-year experience in the bridal world, we can offer you a wedding video that does not leave you unfazed. It reaches the soul and touches the heart. We are going to create a family legacy that you will enjoy for many years and even your progenies will discover what their great-great-grandmother’s day was like.


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wedding videography packages
wedding videography packages for wedding film

Wedding Details

We believe that the delivery of our videos should be according to the special and unique moment; that is the day of the wedding for each lovebird.


That is why we have opted for a high-quality pen drive structured in a glass and stainless metal.

Wedding Details

We want our magnificent box to be one more element to add to your wedding details.


A box of pearl that is very elegant. It will add style and finesse to the decoration of your house. Not only will it have an emotional value, but it represents a style an elegance that signals a bride taking care of the wedding details.

Wedding Details

The format of delivery on a pen drive is nothing new.


We have prepared a personalized and elegant pen drive that emits modernity and luxury. And of course, the technological part is durable and secure. A high-quality pen drive to store memories for many years.


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First, I want to thank you for showing interest in our work. You reading this section means you are looking for some original wedding videos that will astonish your friends and that you will want to see again and again.


I know the best form of advertising is «word of mouth» from satisfied customers. That is why we want you to hear firsthand from couples that have worked with us. Read their experience with us in the section called «TESTIMONIES«


I also recommend that you visit the section «PORTFOLIO» and discover more wedding videos – pre-weddings or post weddings; so you can see our style more closely and choose whether you like it or not. They say, that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the video, we have pictures and words. Watch videos of other weddings. Tell me if your emotions were stirred or elevated watching them or if they have reached your heart. If so – call me, we talk about your wedding.


If in the end, you decide that we can be your wedding videographers you can contact us through the email or phone. We work in all Spanish territory. Today, distance is no longer a problem thanks to the quality and advanced means of transportation. There is no problem if you marry somewhere in the countryside. In addition, we always go to the wedding ourselves (not sub-contracting to other people) and that’s why we only take a wedding for a weekend. Plus, we only shoot 15 wedding videos a year. All the information to contact us is in the section called «CONTACT«.


We are Luz and Sergio. We are also a couple in real life. If you want to know more about our persona, who will be your wedding videographers – above, in the menu, you have the button «ABOUT US» we would like you to see more of our wedding video styles and decide which style you like Also, you have the opportunity to speak with us, Clarify certain facts and learn more about how each style works.


There are different types of wedding videos, to meet your taste and pocket. The important thing is when you finally decide who your wedding videographer will be; know who you hire and what other commitments the person has. Watch your wedding videos and talk to this person. Because it is the person who will accompany you throughout the day, this individual will be with you in the room, your parents’ hotel room, will pass by the altar and will come to the treat with you. He will be among your friends and talk to relatives. Remember, Choose well who will capture your unique and unforgettable day.




We are a studio specializing in wedding videos or as they now call it wedding cinematography. With a vast experience in the field of weddings since 2007, We offer a different product like wedding film, pre-wedding videos, wedding video report, surprise wedding videos so your friends can order the video has a present and much more.


Wedding film (or wedding cinematography) has another vision for the bridal world. There are no poses here; everything is more natural and dynamic. In our case, the recording is done with two DSLR cameras at least that are offer multiple points of view from different angles of the stage. On the other hand, in the editing and post-production process, cinematographic techniques are applied to wedding videos to transform it from a boring video to a thrilling suspense filled movie.


Wedding cinematography is the latest trend in the audiovisual world. If you add a thank you video to surprise your guests or a surprise video at the wedding for your family, you will have an unforgettable day. Wedding details such as this guarantee you a magical wedding that leaves your guests speechless. I hope I have helped you when choosing a video. I hope the styles of videos have been made clear. I hope to see you soon at your wedding.