If you got here, it means that you liked videos you’ve seen in the portfolio. I’m glad. Now is the time to see video testimonies from satisfied couples. We leave you alone with our clients as they tell you what they felt when they saw our videos, and also what it has been like working with us.


I think it is very important to know how the result will be, but it is also very important to feel good, comfortable with your wedding videographers because they are going to be with you and your partner all day. From the preparations, to the dances, which is why they should be the least annoying person to you, let it be a gift to calm your nerves during the marriage, so you can be at ease with yourself, your whole family can be at ease thanks to their advice and contributions during the wedding day.


Well, I hope that our clients’ testimonials and experiences help you decide. And if you have any doubts you can always write to us by email or telephone. All contact details are in the contact section

GONZALO: Well, we are Gonzalo and Soraya. We just saw the video of our friends, Sergio and his wife [laughs].

SORAYA: [laughs].

GONZALO: And we are very satisfied with the end results and we´re excited once again, we cried once again, remembering that moment.

SORAYA: A great video, we loved it! It was spectacular.

GONZALO: And we finally have here, the long wait was worth it-

SORAYA: There are no words, because it´s all recorded, it´s super cute, I don´t know [laughs]. We loved it. HERE we have out video.

GONZALO: Thank you very much for everything.

SOTAYA: Thank you. You’re all great [laughs].

ALIA: Well, we’re Lucas and Alia, and we got married the 11th of July, not so long ago.

LUCAS: Three months and a half.

ALIA: And we just got the video, right now.

LUCAS: And, nothing, we just wanted to tell you that, well, she had to go and check if her make-up was ruined [laughs]. Great, great, great. Super amazing. You did an incredible job, and we really recommend- Well, I don’t know if recommend, but I wasn’t- I was a little reluctant about making a video for the wedding. I used to say that photos were enough but, there it is, fantastic, because you relive the moment. The photo is just a static image, the video is makes you relive when the moments where you got exited, where she got emotional, the people…

ALIA: You’ve exceeded our expectations. I already had faith in you work but the motives were amazing, the music you use, the takes… Things one didn’t even know you were recording! Like little spies. No one knew you were doing it, it was impressive. I was left speechless and surely hire you for the next wedding [laughs].

LUCAS: What?

ALIA: Our silver, golden wedding anniversaries [laughs].

LUCAS: [laughs] I don’t know.

ALIA: [laughs] Of course!

LUCAS: You make an incredible job, you’re amazing people and that it’s worth it.

ALIA: Super close.

LUCAS: People may not consider this, but we really don’t regret this at all.

ALIA: They make you feel comfortable in every moment. Amazing. They’re amazing. Well done![laughs].

LUCAS: [laughs].

EUGENIO: Hi, what’s up? [laughs]. I’m Eugenio and this is María, my wife, and, well, we got married not so long ago, and we left the video under Sergio Goncharoff’s care. And I’m going to tell you about my experience.

MARÍA: [laughs].

EUGENIO: For me, to be honest we just saw it, and I almost cried. I don’t know, I loved it completely. The quality was brutal and you see stuff that that day may have gone over your head. Like what was your family doing while you’re not with them, like how everybody interacts with each other, because you couldn’t be with them all the time. It was, oof, it was incredible. It’s beyond worth it.

MARÍA: The truth is that I really loved it because of that, reliving the moments, and treated that nice and gratifying way that Sergio did. It surprised me a lot. I mostly loved watching myself, watching Eugenio, how we react in front of- those moments were you can feel yourself but cannot see. And that’s priceless. And to see things and details you’re not conscious of that day because everything happens so fast and you’re incapable of realizing it, like the decoration´s details, the way people enter and you’re not there yet, what they do while they wait… What they do at home, you whole family, while you change. Everything framed that way.

EUGENIO: Besides, the day he [Sergio] was with us, he was like another friend. We did not notide the camera nor Luz, his partner. The truth is-

MARÍA: We had a great time.

EUGENIO: We had an amazing time.

MARÍA: He was just like another guest!

EUGENIO: All together.

MARÍA / EUGENIO: [laughs].

JUAN: Hello! We’re Juan Luis and Mary Paz, and we got married some month ago.

MARY: And we just saw our wedding video [laughs].

JUAN: And, about the video, we believe it’s really worth it because you can see things in a different way, it’s another point of view, you see things you didn’t see at the ceremony… It’s like reviving those moments, unlike a photo where you capture a moment.

MARY: But you can’t see the emotions-

JUAN: It doesn’t give you the idea of-

MARY: …The people’s feelings, the movement, the people talking… The warmth of seeing the moment as it was the real thing, how it happened, having the opportunity of seeing it from outside. Because when you’re living it it’s like being in a bubble and not realizing what’s happening, the emotionsn of your family, I saw my father ultra-excited in the video and that day I didn’t realize. That emotion…

JUAN: Our parents´ emotions, the people’s emotion is seen in a much more real way and in fact we’ve seen since October I seen the video again and I got emotions-

MARY: Yeah.

JUAN: …That I hadn’t felt since the wedding. Well, people may think it’s annoying, having two people behind you.

MARY: Yeah, having two people recording you it’s an intimidating concept. But I had a great time and I suggest that everyone looks for someone that can understand them. For someone they have afeeling. But I didn’t notice I was being recorded at any point, never had that feel, I never was uncomfortable. I never had to care for where the camera men were. Never had, as everything was really easy.

JUAN: I’m a person that doesn’t specially enjoy recordings and videos, never liked them that much. And in fact, at the start you can be a little afraid or be a shamed of it, everyone’s the way they are, but at no moment I felt intimidated nor ashamed, everything felt natural and, as Mary Paz says, hire people that you can place your trust in and helps you like Sergio and Luz helped us. It was an experience- I personally recommend them a lot. And it’s another way of seeing things and it steps out of the commonality of photos. It may not be better but it’s different, a different way of reliving your wedding and for me, it was worth it.

MARY: And what it leaves you. At the end of the day, as time passes, that’s what you’re left with. Being able to relive that day watching the videos, not just the photos.

JUAN: Yeah, it’s a much richer way of remembering it. Photos and video complement each other but, in my case, the video seems like a step ahead, much more complete. You see more of the wedding.

MARY: You see the emotion. Well, maybe it’s just me but you see emotions… I don’t know, you see kids playing, some complicity…

PAULA: Hi! We’re Paula and Israel-


PAULA: Or Israel and Paula. And we got married on October 3rd, and we just saw-

ISRAEL: They just have us-

PAULA: …The video.

ISRAEL: Of the wedding.

PAULA: Well [laughs].

ISRAEL: What do you think?

PAULA: It’s like we just went back to that moment to the wedding. It’s was pretty nice, I cried again when I saw you at the altar and the truth is it was beautiful.

ISRAEL: It captures you. The video captures you. It takes you back to the wedding, to the moment.

PAULA: Yeah, we saw thing we hadn’t seen before. How you [Israel] got dressed.

ISRAEL: And I saw you-

PAULA: You saw how I got dressed.

ISRAEL: Yeah, and some scenes about our friends.

PAULA: And some scenes where I, because we were so distracted by marrying-

ISRAEL: Yeah, we just made sure everything was fine but that was it, we didn’t see everything that was happening. And well, this gave us the chance to relive what we hadn’t seen and what whe went through. It took us back to the moment of the wedding and the video got us excited.

PAULA: And the photos-

ISRAEL: Yeah, the photos are great, it’s an instant.

PAULA: It’s an instant but this is vivid.

ISRAEL: This gives it life. When we see this in 30 or 40 year, it’ll be incredible. As time passes, it’ll be more valuable. Photos are great but the video, as time passes, well, we had both things but if we had to choose one…

PAULA: The video!

ISREAEL: The video. Well, many thanks!

PAULA: Many thanks!

ISRAEL: For this incredible creation you did for us. We’re…

PAULA: Very happy.

ISRAEL: And very thankful for this production you’ve done, we’ll watch it many times more.

PAULA: I’ve watched the short one many times already [laughs].

ISRAEL: The teaser, yeah [laughs]. Well, nothing else, thank you so much!

PAULA: Thanks you!

ISRAEL: And good luck.

PATRICIA: Well, I’m Patricia, the bride’s sister. Cristina’s sister. And we planned this Christmas’ surprise my sister, mother and I because we wanted to show her a teaser of the wedding video, the summary, and we know she’s gonna adore it. And I just, well, saw the video and got emotional again because I relived all the nice moments we were celebrating that day: the ceremony and the party after. And seeing her so happy and feeling that happiness makes me [laughs] very happy. So, thank you so much for contributing to that happiness and those memories. Thank you, from the heart.

More testimonials from our customers

testimonials from Luis y Lucia
testimonials from Victor y Tamara

«My experience with Sergio has been great, I had always seen the typical boring, slow and conventional wedding videos. My views changed the day I saw this artist, original, dynamic video. It looked Like a movie! Amazing photography and super quality! I can not get enough of watching the video (and my family are freaking out). Although, it sounds like an exaggeration, Sergio is a great Professional and would not hesitate to hire you again, serious, efficient and kind.»

Luis & Lucia

«Sergio, the truth is that we have been delighted by your work. We try to cut our wedding expenses a little by cutting out a wedding video from the budget. In the end, we are happy we did not. We had the success and joy of hiring him. We really liked your way of doing things like catching a glance, a smile, a gesture, and every moment Of our special day. Now, when watching the video, we notice those moments that we were ignorant of on that day. We loved your way of assembling the images, the music, and everything !!! We hope you continue working well. We are a couple from Cartagena and we will recommend !! THANK YOU»

Victor & Tamara

testimonials from Inma y Jesus

«Thank you for the good work you did on our wedding, the video was perfect, the result was awesome! I am happy I could count on you on that special day, because you are such an amazing person. You work with ease. I am happy we hired you»

Inma & Jesus

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«Thank you Sergio !!! It’s a beautiful video … we’re excited every time we see it! I do not know what it is going to be, when we see the full video!!! Hahaha. Many thanks, a spectacular job! Sergio is a real genius! The final results are incredible and he made everything appear so easy! Totally recommendable!»

Nuria & Jose

testimonials from Sara y Manu

Without a doubt, the work that Sergio Goncharoff did, electrifies and excite me. It is logical, since it is the happiest day of my life. The film reminded me of those magical moments that I vaguely remembered, and it all came flowing back again, every special moment. Sergio does not make wedding videos, however, through his camera, he narrates small tales of princes and princesses… And who Can refuse to be the protagonist of their fairy tale stories»

Sara & Manu

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«Sergio Goncharoff and Luz Casal !!! We are happy to meet your work on our wedding day! The video was beautiful backed with an enchanting music!! We loved it!!»

Rosa & Pedro

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“We never thought it would be this beautiful. Our wedding video are moments in which to relive and recreate one of the happiest days of our lives, they moments chosen with great elegance and professionalism by Sergio g. Thanks for giving us back that beautiful day. “

Myriam & Carlos

testimonials from Tomas y Teresa

“Sergio and Luz, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for creating this beautiful memory on this special day. It is a perfect collection of all our feelings, memories and how we wanted people to see and feel everything. It is beautiful and every time I watch it I love it the more. Thank you for the thrill and happiness!»

Teresa & Tomas